O Lord, You know far better than I do that I am getting older by the day - and one day I really will be old.

Save me from my illusion of having to say something at every opportunity.

Preserve me from my great passion of desiring to sort out everybody else's affairs.

Teach me to be reflective, but not too introspective - and teach me to be supportive,
but not too intrusive.

It would be such a shame not to pass on my vast amount of knowledge - but You,

O Lord, fully understand that I would like to retain a few of my old friends, too.

Save me from trying to list endless details and give me the energy to be able to get to the point of something swiftly.

Teach me to keep silent about my own illnesses and complaints - for they are increasing day-by-day - and the will to describe them in detail to other people
grows greatly from year to year.

I hardly dare to beg the gift of being able to listen gladly to other people's tales of sickness, but teach me to at least bear with them patiently.

Grant me the wondrous vision to see that I too can make mistakes and keep me
as endearing to others as possible.

I wish not to be a saint - for such people are so hard to live with - but to end up as  an old grumpy-grouch would be the Devil's crowning glory.

Teach me to find unexpected talents in other people - and grant me, O Lord, the gracious gift of being able to praise them, too.